Detroit Enrollment Center

Global Entry Interview Guide

Detroit, MI, US

This guide will help you complete your Global Entry Interview at Detroit Enrollment Center.
We also have guides for other Global Entry Interview Locations.

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Step 1 - Apply for Global Entry
Apply for Global Entry

The first step to faster international travel is applying for the Global Entry program and getting conditionally approved.

  • Click the below button if you have not yet applied. It will open in a new browser tab.
Start Your Global Entry Application
Step 2 - Schedule Your Global Entry Interview Appointment
Schedule Your Interview at Detroit Enrollment Center

Congratulations! You've been conditionally approved for the Global Entry program. The next step is scheduling an in-person interview appointment at Detroit Enrollment Center.

  • Click the below button. It will open in a new browser tab.
  • Scroll down to 'MICHIGAN'
  • Click Detroit Enrollment Center
  • Click 'Choose This Location'. This will take you to a new page showing available interview appointment times.
Schedule Your Interview
Step 3 - Getting an Earlier Appointment
Getting an Earlier Appointment at Detroit Enrollment Center

Sometimes Detroit Enrollment Center shows "No appointments available for this location" or the next available appointment might be weeks or months away. What can you do?

People cancel their appointments and new interview times open up all the time. You can continue to check the web site for availability or you can let us do it for you. We'll send you an email alert as soon as we see an earlier appointment. All you have to do is click the link in the email and book your appointment.

Get an Earlier Interview
Detroit Enrollment Center Details
Detroit Enrollment Center

2810 W. Fort Street Suite 124
Detroit, MI 48216
Phone: 313-964-7973

Directions: Directions to Enrollment Center: The Enrollment Center is located on the U.S. side of the Ambassador Bridge next to the Fort Street Cargo Facility. Do not panic when you see the sign “no re-entry to the United States”. Most Navigation systems have not been updated for this area. The WAZE app will guide you to the facility by entering “Detroit Enrollment Center (FAST/NEXUS)” into the app. Download the WAZE app from your app store. You may also follow these directions:Step 1) Choose Your Starting PointFROM CANADA:Take the Ambassador Bridge. After the tollbooths, use the I-75 South ramp. Exit on Clark Street. Turn left on Clark Street. Turn left on Grand Blvd West. Follow the bridge to Canada sign.FROM I-75: Take the exit 47 B Bridge to Canada. Follow the bridge to Canada sign.FROM I-94: Take the exit 213 B to I-96E. Take the exit 192 B Bridge to Canada. Follow the bridge to Canada sign.FROM I-96: Take the exit 192 B Bridge to Canada. Follow the bridge to Canada sign. Step 2) Do not panic when you see the sign “No Re-Entry to the United States”. Step 3) Continue on the service route that leads to the Ambassador Bridge. Prepare to turn left when you see a blue sign on the left hand side of the road that says “Cargo Facility / Enrollment Center”. After Turn left and proceed underneath the bridge. Step 4) Approach the uniformed Officers and follow their directions. Once you are released, approach the gate and wait for it to open. Turn right and continue to the first building on your left. Park in the designated Nexus/Fast parking area.

Notes: Face Covering Is Required Inside The Enrollment Center.The Enrollment Center Is Currently Operating By Appointment Only.No Updates or Walk-In Appointments Are Permitted.Passport, Birth Certificate and Driver's License Are The Only Required Documents.For more information, go to